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Check out the new Shanghai Disneyland

shanghai disneyland

The Red Queen sneers at you in Shanghai Disneyland. (LIU XIAOXUE*/Flickr)

If you find yourself in Shanghai, you might want to swing by the first Disney park in mainland China. Oh hai, Shanghai Disneyland.

And it's enormous.

This new park is going to be busy, with at least 15 million visitors a year and could bring in as many as 50 million people a year. (Orlando's Disney World attracts about 20 million people a year, BTW.) 44% of people asked said they intended to visit within a year.

The Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong Disneylands haven't made a profit in 6 of the last 10 years, so Disney is hoping this move will boost its brand.

Shanghai Disneyland is already attracting some big names, including Facebook's second in command, Sheryl Sandberg.

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Check out the new Shanghai Disneyland

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