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The black box from the crashed EgyptAir flight was just found

egyptair voice recorder

Cockpit voice recorders are often called black boxes, but they're not actually black. (Elsie esq./Flickr)

Remember the EgyptAir plane that went down last month on the way from Paris to Cairo?

Investigators just found the plane's cockpit voice recorder, and the most important part--the memory unit--is still intact.

They're still hoping to locate the other black box, the flight-data recorder. It's predicted to run out of power to broadcast emergency signals by June 24th, so it's a race against time.

The voice recorder has to be dried out and carefully transcribed before officials release any information about what's on it. But they're optimistic that the recorder will help determine whether the plane went down due to human error, technical issues, or a terrorist attack. So far, there's evidence of smoke in the plane but not much else.

Sixty-six people died on flight MS804.

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The black box from the crashed EgyptAir flight was just found

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