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Actually, coffee might protect you from cancer

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Sorry, apples. A coffee a day could keep the doctor away. (duncan/Flickr)

OK, this is another story about how a new study says Food Item X is actually good for you in unexpected ways.

It's coffee this time. Don't be bitter, tea-drinkers (pun intended).

Regularly drinking coffee may protect against at least two types of cancer.

This comes from the World Health Organization's panel of experts, who previously told us coffee was linked to bladder cancer. But now they've ruled out coffee consumption as a risk factor for several kinds of cancer and say it might actually help prevent uterine and liver cancers. So coffee doesn't give you cancer--it prevents it.

Coffee is absolutely positively magic. Because it also seems to help prevent other medical problems, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The one caveat: drinking your coffee--or anything else--very hot (like, above 149 degrees Fahrenheit) may still increase your risk of esophageal cancer. So, let your drinks cool down a little.

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Actually, coffee might protect you from cancer

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