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Will Donald Trump change the conversation about guns?


Could Donald Trump shift the debate on gun control? (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Donald Trump--the presumptive GOP nominee--will meet with the NRA to discuss blocking suspected terrorists from getting guns.

Trump's hope is to change the conversation on guns and ban people on the terror watch list or no-fly list from obtaining firearms. This is one area he agrees with many Democrats with.

The NRA said they were glad to meet with him, and that they agree (and always have) that terrorists shouldn't have guns.

There's a bit of a twist, though. The NRA also thinks banning people on the watchlist from buying guns takes away their right to bear arms. People on the FBI watchlist may not have been charged with crimes, so they think banning everyone on the list may prevent an innocent person from toting a gun.

This measure failed in the Senate in December, because Republicans think any additional gun laws violate the Second Amendment. Actually, Trump himself previously said he was opposed to any further gun restrictions.

Could Trump's switch-up on his gun stance change the conversation and make waves with the NRA? Stay tuned.

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Will Donald Trump change the conversation about guns?

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