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How 3 late night show hosts reacted to the Orlando shooting

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Jimmy Fallon called the Orlando shooting "senseless." (NBC/Screenshot)

Typically known for their hilarious jabs at politicians and comedic skits, three late night show hosts collectively had a very different tone when talking about the Orlando shooting.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, who took over "The Daily Show" when Jon Stewart left, couldn't contain his grief:

“I have to talk about Saturday night’s devastating attack. I couldn’t be more sad and sickened by the events.”

He called attention to how mass shootings have characterized President Obama's two terms:

"I wonder if President Obama ever thought to himself that mass shooting speeches would be such a big part of his job. Because, you know, at this point he’s hosted 12 state dinners, but he’s had to give 16 mass shooting addresses.”

Noah also touched on something many of us have felt while scrolling through social media:

“Because we know how this always plays out. We’re shocked, we mourn, we change our profile pics and then we move on. It’s become normal. But I’m sorry, maybe it’s because I’m new, but it’s not normal.”

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert, who has been on the air longer than Noah, seemed resigned and angry:

"We each ask ourselves what can you possibly say in the face of this horror? But then sadly you realize, you know what to say because it has been said too many times before."

He also explained how we already know what everyone will say because mass shootings have happened so many times.

But Colbert concluded with a more uplifting note.

“And there have been outpourings of love throughout the country and around the world … love allows us to change the script. So love your country, love your family, love the families and the victims and the people of Orlando.”

Watch Colbert interview Bill O'Reilly on Orlando below:

Jimmy Fallon

Fallon focused on the diversity of our country and how we must accept and support everyone around us, no matter his or her religion, sexual orientation, gender, or race:

"This country was built on the idea that we do not all agree on everything, that we are a tolerant free nation that encourages debate, free thinking, believing, or not, in what you choose. I as a new father am thinking, ‘What do I tell my kids?’ What do I--what do I tell them about this? What can we learn from this? What if my kids are gay? What do I tell them?"

Watch Fallon's reaction below:

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How 3 late night show hosts reacted to the Orlando shooting

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