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All the amazing female empowerment going on for #StateofWomen


Here's women attending this year's the #StateofWomen summit in DC. (Kate Gardiner/Flickr)

Today is the #StateofWomen summit and if you aren't psyched about it yet, you will be. Fantastic, powerful female leaders from all over are coming to talk about the biggest issues facing us today.

Give us all the details.

From talks on domestic violence and combatting gender roles to discussions concerning sex trafficking and pay equity, the day is filled with some of the most important conversations going on around us.

Everyone from Michelle Obama to Amy Poehler to Kristen Avery (from It's On Us) to Cecille Richards attended.

Watch the live stream of the event below:

Here's some highlights via Twitter:

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All the amazing female empowerment going on for #StateofWomen

Samantha Rhodes

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