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Did Hillary Clinton get this unqualified donor a government job?


Is this damaging to Hillary Clinton? (Oslo City Hall/Flickr)

Rajiv K. Fernando was a high-frequency securities trader (he worked on Wall Street) until he got appointed to the board of International Security Advisors, a group which advises the Secretary of State on security issues.

Questions were asked about his eligibility and he promptly resigned in 2011. He only had the job for six months.

Board members at the organization had questioned Fernando's expertise as he had no idea about security issues:

"We had no idea who he was."

A remote similarity was his technological expertise from trading with tech companies. When asked at an interview about his appointment, Fernando threatened to have the journalist arrested:

So why was Fernando appointed?

One reason for his appointment, according to the latest email dump from Hillary Clinton's private servers, was that Fernando was a huge Clinton Foundation donor. He had even accompanied Bill Clinton on a trip to Africa.

The emails revealed an exchange between a State Department official and a press aide who were trying to figure out how Fernando even got on their radar.

"S" refers to the Secretary of State (who, of course, was Clinton):

“The true answer is simply that S staff (Cheryl Mills) added him ... Raj was not on the list sent to (Clinton); he was added at their insistence.”

ABC News and Citizens United, a conservative group who filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the emails, unearthed the suspicious connection.

Fernando continues to support the Clintons and he's also a Democratic Party superdelegate. Plus, he's organizing a fundraiser for Clinton in Chicago that costs guests $2,700 a seat.

This has raised a lot of questions about Clinton's allegiance to Wall Street.

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Did Hillary Clinton get this unqualified donor a government job?

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