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Would this hideous color keep you from smoking?

We’ve found the grossest animal on the planet: the blobfish. The best laugh on earth: #ChewbaccaMom. And now, we’ve got the ugliest color on earth: Pantone 448 C. More than just being plain hideous to look at, the color is actually sparking quite a bit of conversation.

What are people saying?

Some believe that the color could be used to deter customers from buying cigarettes. An Australian marketing firm is putting Pantone 448 C on boxes of smokes to equate the package with “death” and “tar.”

Prepare your eyes for hideousness:

While the color may be hideous, many think that since high prices and chilling ads haven’t really kept most dedicated smokers from buying packs, Pantone 448 C won’t do much either.

Still, good for greenish-brown for trying to keep everyone healthy!

"Wait, I don’t find it that ugly!"

You’re not alone. Some stylists and color-enthusiasts actually agree with you.

In fact, here are a few instances of when Pantone 448 C was super cute and trendy:

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Would this hideous color keep you from smoking?

Samantha Rhodes

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