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More trouble at the zoo: This time a LEOPARD ESCAPED

Zoos are having a bit of a bad week.

First, there was the death of Harambe, the western lowland gorilla, to save a child who got into his enclosure. BTW, the parents of that child won't face charges, as many have said they should. Oh, and the exhibit he lived in is now open again, with a new barrier.

Then there's this ultimately harmless but kind of scary video of a lion in a Japanese zoo trying to attack a child through the glass of its enclosure.

And now a leopard at Salt Lake City's Hogle Zoo briefly escaped, forcing guests to take shelter indoors.

Zookeepers still aren't sure how the 4-year-old Amur leopard, named Zeya, got out of her enclosure. Zoo staff told guests to stay inside until the leopard was found, about an hour after she went missing. They found Zeya sleeping on a ledge, tranquilized her, and have placed her in a holding area.

Not exactly the most dramatic, hair-raising escape, but it's still kind of worrying. And people are drawing parallels between the incidents, of course.

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More trouble at the zoo: This time a LEOPARD ESCAPED

Dana Brown

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