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Did this orca try to commit suicide?


Not all fun and games anymore. (RayS / Flickr)

Remember how keeping killer whales in captivity for human entertainment is not really a cool thing to do anymore?

Well, there's now more heart-wrenching video evidence that orcas don't do too well in captivity. Or, um, a "totally natural" behavior caught on camera.

The 3-minute video shows Morgan, a SeaWorld-owned killer whale, lying on a concrete slab beside a pool at the Loro Paroque zoo and waterpark in Spain.

Animal activists say Mogran beached herself because of the poor conditions of her captivity. An older video shows her violently banging her head into a metal gate in another pool.

There are five orcas at Loro Paroque, but Morgan is the only one who was born in the wild. SeaWorld loaned her to the Spanish park in 2011.

Loro Paroque says it's "absolutely illogical and absurd" to draw conclusions from the brief video. The orcas are trained to leave the water for various reasons, so Morgan's behavior was normal.

BTW, SeaWorld is phasing out its orca shows, since they've become a PR nightmare.

And this footage isn't helping the company's image.

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Did this orca try to commit suicide?

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