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Here’s how ‘Last Week Tonight’ eliminated $15 million of debt

Last Week Tonight

Wanna see what happens after he pushes the big red button? (HBO/Screenshot)

The latest "Last Week Tonight" episode is another notch on the long list of why you should love John Oliver.

Oliver cracked down on debt buying companies, which are companies that do exactly that. They buy debts from banks for much less than they are worth and demand individuals to pay them back.

Or they will sue individuals for old debts called "zombie debts." These are debts that have been paid off but are coming out of the grave. Or as Oliver put it:

Just like on 'The Walking Dead,' zombie debt comes back from the grave, is incredibly hard to deal with, and disproportionately affects minorities."

In an effort to change this system, Oliver bought $15 million of medical debt (debt people are basically forced to have in order to stay alive) and forgave it.

You can watch the full "Last Week Tonight" segment below:

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Here’s how ‘Last Week Tonight’ eliminated $15 million of debt

Allison Hollender

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