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It’s been RECORD hot in California and there’s a HUGE fire

No more June gloom for California or the rest of the Southwest for that matter. Temperatures are getting up into the hundreds in California, as well as in states like Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.

Not to mention, LA and California's Central Valley saw RECORD high temps:

It's damn hot in California. (GIPHY)

The intense, potentially triple-digit heat is not only causing people to sweat, it's also not helping firefighters deal with a massive fire. A 516-acre fire in Calabasas, California started yesterday when a pickup truck hit a power pole and exploded.

Now, around 400 firefighters are working to get rid of the blaze. Already 3,700 homes have been forced to evacuate from the area.

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It’s been RECORD hot in California and there’s a HUGE fire

Sydney Moorhead

Sydney is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a degree in English-language literature. She served as a City on a Hill Press editor and an editorial intern at Good Times Weekly. She currently resides in Orange County, where she does her best not to spend all her money at the ridiculous number of malls. She loves watching Bravo reality shows and eating vegan food that isn’t too expensive (so, never).

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