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An anti-Trump mob cornered a woman in San Jose, California

San Jose

Here's the woman who got cornered at the violent rally. (Jacob Rascon/Screenshot)

Last night, Donald Trump held a rally in San Jose, which ended with four people arrested and an attack on a police officer.

Trump's supporters encountered about 400 protestors, some of whom burned "Make America Great Again" hats or waved Mexican flags. Videos show protestors attacking, kicking, and sucker-punching Trump supporters. A protestor also struck a police sergeant, who suffered minor injuries.

Protestors cornered one woman and attacked her with eggs, spitting on her and swearing at her--and the police did nothing.

She showed off her jersey and taunted the crowd:

And when she got egged she just laughed it off:

Some people accuse the police of standing by while Trump supporters were hurt, but both the mayor and the police department say that the officers did their best to contain and prevent violence without inciting more. Mayor Sam Liccardo said:

"I can say if there's a single excessive baton blow on anyone in that crowd, that would have made national news. Our police officers are in a very difficult position, but I think they performed admirably to make sure this violence didn't become more widespread."

Liccardo also blamed Trump for the violence, saying, "at some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for his irresponsible behavior."

Hillary Clinton told CNN:

"I condemn all violence in the political arena ... He created an environment where it seemed to be acceptable to be inciting violence, to be encouraging his supporters ... I don't want to parse it. I don't want to talk about the political implications. I want it to end."

What does the Donald have to say?

And he may actually be right about the burning American flag:

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An anti-Trump mob cornered a woman in San Jose, California

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