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Is this a bigfoot skull or just a rock?


The guy who found it is a huge bigfoot fan. (Bob Doran/Flickr)

While hiking in Utah, Todd May found ... something. Something he says is a fossilized bigfoot skull.

May claims to have seen bigfoot in the flesh twice. A couple months later, he found a 75-pound rocky object that he says proves the legendary creature's existence.

Scientists are saying it's a rock. Specifically, an assistant professor of geoscience at Midwestern State University, Jesse Carlucci, viewed the object and had no doubt whatsoever that it was a rock, not a fossil skull.

But May's holding on to his "proof":

"I don't know where I'm going next, but people need to see this and know Bigfoots are real and they out there."

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Is this a bigfoot skull or just a rock?

Dana Brown

Dana is a freelance writer from Florida, the state that winter forgot. She likes video games, cats, fantasy novels, and complaining about the weather. Follow her on Twitter for intermittent whining about the First Amendment.

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