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Texas is getting SLAMMED with rain right now

Take out your boats y'all 'coz May was the wettest month EVER in Texas.

The heavy rains led to major flooding in the state and June has not slowed the downpour at all.

Uh oh... maybe Noah's building an ark?


Flash flood warnings are in effect for south-central Texas and a state of disaster has been declared in 31 counties.

Just see the conditions in some of the places. Without any arks to the rescue, animals are caught in the flood waters.

Six people have died so far in the flooding. Evacuations are taking place with warnings going out to stay indoors and away from rivers.

As of May 29th, Texas has received more than 35 trillion gallons of rain, which would be more than enough for the drought in California, just on the wrong coast.

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Texas is getting SLAMMED with rain right now

Anugya Chitransh

Anugya is originally from New Delhi, India. She studied journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York, graduating with a master's in international reporting. She plans to travel one day to all the places she reads about. She likes reading fiction, pop music, and going to the beach, but absolutely hates anyone mangling or shortening her name (which is quite common). She binge watches Korean dramas and anime series. She's a freelance writer and has produced content that has appeared in NBC, The Times of India, Time Out Delhi, and other publications.

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