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Torrential rains have put France under water

Lots of flood news today.

Torrential rain is ripping across parts of Western Europe in some of the world's most famous cities, from Paris to Bavaria. Thousands have had to evacuate -- more rain is predicted for the coming weekend.

Paris had to close down its famous Louvre and relocate the artwork from rooms threatened by the water.

Roads near to river were closed and even train lines running were shut down.

paris flood

Paris is submerged.(Jean-Yves Romanetti/Flickr)

paris flood

Other parts of France aren't faring any better.(Daniel Jolivet/Flickr)

The river Seine has burst its banks in many places and power outages have affected 25,000 people in Paris and central France. In Loing, the entire business district is under water. These water levels have not been seen in the country since the historic floods of 1910.

Here are some of those pictures for comparison.

In Germany, at least nine people have died due to the floods. Large scale rescue efforts took place to rescue students who had been trapped in their schools in Simbach am Inn and Triftern, in southern Germany.

In several places, the water is over three feet above street level.

so this happened... #flood #help #rain #rainy #tsunami #naturkatastrophe #natureswrath #heidelberg #neckar

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Forecasters are predicting further thunderstorms and even hail through the weekend as the slow-moving storm system continues to move across the region.

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Torrential rains have put France under water

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