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Teen drivers’ top distraction is NOT what you think

Teen drivers

Ever felt distracted by the passengers in your car? (Screenshot)

The summer driving season is upon us--the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day--and AAA is now referring to it as "the 100 Deadliest Days." Scary, right?

Kids are out of school, everyone is vacationing, and more people are on the road. Especially more teenagers. The deaths from crashes during the summer driving season skyrockets to 16% more than the rest of the year. Teen driving-related deaths jump to an average of 10 per day. What's causing so many accidents during this time?

Distracted driving causes 60% of all teen crashes. You'd probably think cell phones are the main reason, right? Wrong. The top distraction for teen drivers is other passengers.

Cell phone related accidents account for 12%, while having friends in the car accounts for 15% of accidents.

Be careful out there.

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Teen drivers’ top distraction is NOT what you think

Christina Buff

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