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If your shorts are too short, don’t fly JetBlue


The two guys in the middle have pretty short shorts. (GIPHY)

People are up in arms after a woman boarding a JetBlue flight was told to change her short shorts or leave.

Maggie McMuffin, a burlesque dancer, was headed back home to Seattle from New York wearing a pair of chevron shorts, a sweater, and thigh-high socks when she was stopped.

She seemingly hadn't done anything wrong, but the JetBlue crew said her outfit was unfit for flight. They told her that her shorts were too short and she had to change in order to make the trip.

Here's Maggie McMuffin and her shorts:

She offered to tie a sweater around her waist or just drape a blanket dancer over herself, but they stuck to their word. So, instead, she was forced to go buy a pair of pajama pants that provided proper coverage from an airport store in order to board.


Do these ladies have too short of shorts, too? (GIPHY)

JetBlue has since reimbursed McMuffin for the cost of the pajama pants she was forced to buy, and offered her a $162 credit for a future flight. But she says she feels disrespected and won't be flying with them again.

Since the whole controversy, she's gotten tons of support on social media and JetBlue has received quite the opposite:

What do you think? Should there be a dress code for flights?

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If your shorts are too short, don’t fly JetBlue

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