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Look at these gorgeous photos of Pluto

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Photos from New Horizons give us yet another reason to excited about space. (Willy D/Flickr)

Though many of you might miss our former planet (now a dwarf planet), you can be happy that no one's forgotten about Pluto. Gorgeous new photos give us the clearest picture of Pluto that we've ever seen.

Why are they so great?

The pictures were taken at an insanely high resolution. During the New Horizons flyby, the spacecraft captured photos at 270 ft per pixel.

As Alan Stern, the principal investigator for New Horizons, said,

"This new image product is just magnetic...It makes me want to go back on another mission to Pluto and get high-resolution images like these across the entire surface."

The photos show,

"Starting with hummocky, cratered uplands at top, the view crosses over parallel ridges of 'washboard' terrain, chaotic and angular mountain ranges, cellular plains, coarsely 'pitted' areas of sublimating nitrogen ice, zones of thin nitrogen ice draped over the topography below and dark mountainous highlands scarred by deep pits"

New Horizons is still sending data back to Earth, so we'll have new findings until this fall.

PS: NASA also came out with new, super cool space stamps!

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Look at these gorgeous photos of Pluto

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