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The internet is demanding #JusticeForHarambe


Gorillas at the Cincinnati Zoo. (Wikimedia Commons)

Yesterday, the Cincinnati Zoo shot and killed a gorilla named Harambe because a child snuck into his enclosure. Harambe was a western lowland gorilla, a critically endangered species.

The zoo held a press conference to explain why they didn't just tranquilize Harambe. The short version: Tranquilizers take time to work, and the gorilla might have reacted violently to being darted.

The animal rights advocates who held a vigil today say their intention is to remember the animal, not protest the zoo. But there are plenty of other people willing to condemn the zoo's actions.

The zoo isn't getting all the flak, though--plenty of people are upset with the child's family, too.

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The internet is demanding #JusticeForHarambe

Dana Brown

Dana is a freelance writer from Florida, the state that winter forgot. She likes video games, cats, fantasy novels, and complaining about the weather. Follow her on Twitter for intermittent whining about the First Amendment.

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