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Deadly flooding continues to slam Texas and Kansas


Flooding in Houston, Texas. (Angie Jane Grey/Flickr)

Heavy rains caused severe flooding in Texas and Kansas over the weekend. Six people died, and at least two are currently missing. (BTW, back in mid-April Houston was experiencing terrible flooding.)

Some places saw 16.5 inches of rain last week, and the intense flooding swept vehicles off roads.

The victims included 64-year-old Lela Holland, 49-year-old Jimmy Wayne Schaeffer, 21-year-old Darren Mitchell, 23-year-old Florida Molima, and 59-year-old Pyarali Rajebhi Umatiya.

The flooding centered around the Brazos River. Normally, the river is 3 feet deep, but with all the rain, it now measures 13 feet deep.

Authorities evacuated several residential areas as well as a prison near Houston.

Students at one elementary school had to spend Saturday night on campus.

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Deadly flooding continues to slam Texas and Kansas

Dana Brown

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