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The Syrian crisis just lost a peace negotiator and (possibly) UN supplies


People watch a presentation on Syria in Geneva. (UN Photo/Flickr)

The Syrian opposition's chief peace negotiator (the people who want President Bashar Al-Assad to step down) resigned because of the Geneva peace talks failure to help Syrians. Mohammad Alloush will no longer serve as a peace negotiator in the continuing and horrific Syrian civil war.

What is going on at the Geneva peace talks?

The Geneva peace talks are on hold because they were unable to come to an agreement. Alloush said the talks failed to help Syrian towns overtaken by rebels or allow the country to prosper without the rule of Assad.

Syria isn't getting much help from the UN either it seems. A plan had been set up to airdrop food and medicine to captured areas of Syria on June 1st, but now the UN has cold feet. Just a few days before the scheduled airdrop, the UN fears the planes delivering the needed supplies could be vulnerable to attack, or the supplies would get in the hands of the wrong people.

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The Syrian crisis just lost a peace negotiator and (possibly) UN supplies

Sydney Moorhead

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