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PHOTOS: Hanako, a very sad, lonely elephant, passed away alone

Be prepared to feel really bummed. In the saga of a life that's been very sad up until this point, a 69-year-old elephant named Hanako passed away.

Hanako died in the Japanese zoo where she had spent her entire life completely alone (unless you include zoo staff). People started a petition to send her back to Thailand--where she originally came from in 1954--but she was too old to travel the distance. The isolation also made Hanako very resistant to change and it was recommended she not interact with other elephants since she wasn't used to them at all.

Here's a tribute of photos to Hanako:


Hanako the elephant at the Inokashira Zoo in 2013. (uniunitwins/Flickr)


A petition said Hanako lived in poor living conditions. Her enclosure doesn't even have trees. (uniunitwins/Flickr)


Doesn't she look just sad in that concrete prison? (Yu Morita/Flickr)

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PHOTOS: Hanako, a very sad, lonely elephant, passed away alone

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