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The #MigrantCrisis worsens: 700 refugees drowned this week


Libyan refugees in 2011 wait for food at Tunisian camp. (United Nations Photo/Flickr)

The migrant crisis continues, this time potentially causing the deaths of as many as 700 people. Authorities presumed the huge number of migrants drowned when three boats unsafe for sea travel sank in three separate incidents in the Mediterranean near the coast of Libya.

A lot more people have been migrating from Africa to Europe in these majorly unsafe voyages. While many people have lost their lives during the migration, Mediterranean patrol ships have been working to rescue as many migrants as possible. Yesterday, the Italians were able to save around 600 migrants. For the entire week, around 13,000 migrants were rescued in these operations.

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The #MigrantCrisis worsens: 700 refugees drowned this week

Sydney Moorhead

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