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Donald Trump: Build the Keystone XL and end ‘unnecessary’ oil regulations

Donald Trump

Safe to say, Donald Trump is pro-oil and anti-regulation. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Donald Trump says he knows a thing or two about dealmaking (he wrote the Art of the Deal, remember?), and he feels Barack Obama has done a poor job keeping the oil industry in tip top shape.

During the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference with 7,700 North Dakotans, Trump promised the oil-rich region he'd approve the Keystone XL pipeline which Obama vetoed (it would carry oil from Alberta, Canada to Houston, Texas), undo Obama's cuts of US emissions, and eliminate regulations on oil companies.

“Any regulation that’s outdated, unnecessary, bad for workers or contrary to the national interest will be scrapped and scrapped completely. We’re going to do all this while taking proper regard for rational environmental concerns.”

(BTW, the Keystone XL pipeline recently LEAKED.)

He also told the audience he wanted the US to be energy independent and less dependent on foreign oil. The US wouldn't be coerced "to be begging for oil again" if he's president, Trump said.

But, fact check, that isn't the case. US oil production has actually improved dramatically under Obama.

This is the first real time Trump has put forth his energy plan, so environmentalists, like the Sierra Club, are incredibly worried about the impacts--especially Trump's plan to end the Paris Climate Deal.

Trump also took the opportunity on Thursday to attack Hillary Clinton's energy plan, who along with Bernie Sanders, wants to turn away from fossil fuels.

“Hillary Clinton’s agenda is job destruction."

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Donald Trump: Build the Keystone XL and end ‘unnecessary’ oil regulations

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