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Should the Rio Olympics not happen? These 150 doctors and scientists say so

Rio Olympics

Rio de Janero's remodeled its waterfront for this year's 2016 Olympics. (Brian John Godfrey/Flickr)

It is easy to worry Brazil may be falling apart and not ready to host the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro this summer. (ICYMI, President Dilma Rousseff was kicked out of office and demonstrations have flooded the streets for a good part of the year.)

The Zika virus (it first started in Brazil) has also spread and health concerns loom over the planning of the entire worldwide event.

In February, the United States Olympic Committee told athletes that if they were concerned about their health because of the Zika virus then they should skip the games.

Since, the virus has only gotten worse.

More than 100 leading scientists are demanding the Rio Olympics (held in August of this year) should be moved or postponed due to the Zika outbreak. They say it would be unethical to continue on with the games as scheduled.

"We are writing to express our concern about the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. WHO’s declaration of Zika as a 'Public Health Emergency of International Concern,' coupled with new scientific findings that underscore the seriousness of that problem, call for the Rio 2016 Games to be postponed and/or moved to another location—but not cancelled—in the name of public health."

The World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed travel to Brazil would be safe, except for pregnant women or women who would like to get pregnant around the time of the summer games. But the open letter from 150 international scientists and doctors encourages the WHO to rethink its decision. This demand is because of the Zika's link to birth defects, and because of the global impact that millions of people visiting would bring.

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Should the Rio Olympics not happen? These 150 doctors and scientists say so

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