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South Carolina just banned abortions after 20 weeks

south carolina abortion ban nikki haley

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed the state's new abortion ban into law. (cityyear/Flickr)

South Carolina just said no way to abortions after 20 weeks into a pregnancy--almost halfway through a typical 40-week pregnancy.

It's based on the premise that an unborn fetus is capable of feeling pain at that point:

"After twenty weeks, the unborn child reacts to stimuli that would be recognized as painful if applied to an adult human, for example, by recoiling."

The medical community says fetuses actually start feeling anything sensations after 24 weeks into the pregnancy.

The new South Carolina law says doctors can operate only if the mother's life is threatened or if the fetus is incapable of surviving outside the womb. The law, called the South Carolina Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, has no exceptions for rape or incest.

This makes SC the 13th state with some sort of abortion ban, including Alabama, Indiana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.

Any violation of the law will lead to three years in prison and a potential fine for the physician who performed the procedure. Oklahoma's governor, Mary Fallin, just vetoed a bill that would have made performing an abortion a felony, but South Carolina's governor, Nikki Haley, signed her state's bill into law. Both governors are conservative Republicans. More abortion restrictions may well be coming to South Carolina and to other states too.

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South Carolina just banned abortions after 20 weeks

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