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#MyDepressionLooksLike shows people they’re not alone


The hashtag was started by Twitter user SheSeauxSaditty. (Screenshot/Twitter)

Do you suffer from depression? If you're feeling alone, you might want to check out one of the trending Twitter hashtags from this weekend: #MyDepressionLooksLike.

Twitter user SheSeauxSaditty started the hashtag to encourage people to post pictures of themselves and show depression is different for everyone.

May is also Mental Health Month.

Since there are still so many misconceptions surrounding mental health, this hashtag couldn't have been started at a better time.

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#MyDepressionLooksLike shows people they’re not alone

Lauren Wethers

Lauren is originally from outside Saint Louis, but traveled down the Mississippi River to be a student at Tulane University, where she is the editor-in-chief of The Tulane Review and director of the New Orleans Universities Relay for Life. She has also written for NOLAWoman.com and Winnovating. One day she’ll figure out how to make the Time Turner real, but until then, she’d like to thank coffee for her success. Follow: @laurenwethers.

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