Why You Should Vote For Trump (According to Trisha Paytas)

Trisha Paytas

YouTuber Trisha Paytas wearing a Donald Trump shirt in her recent video. (Trisha Paytas/YouTube)

YouTuber Trisha Pastas recently posted a video titled, "WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR TRUMP! (the truth)." It got over 1.1 million views.

The video also got over 170,00 dislikes and lost Paytas more than 50,000 subscribers. Paytas is known for controversial trolling videos and in a previous video she supported Trump before saying it was all a joke. But this time around, it seems to be her honest opinion.

First, her introduction to the video stated she doesn't wish to offend anyone. She made the video because she thinks her voice could help influence people and the election:

It "almost felt like it was [her] duty to make a message supporting Trump."

Paytas said the reason she felt this video was important was because "social media is very liberal, people just repeat what they hear from the news and the news is very liberal no matter which channel you go to," a statement which is incredibly false since "on issues of war peace, taxes, spending and government regulation, the corporate-owned American media are frequently anything but liberal."

Paytas says, "people just don't understand [Trump]," I want to help out by making sure we get our political knowledge from somewhere other than social media ..."

Point one.

Gay marriage, abortion, etc., are all important issues, but those should not be our main focus on the election "because the country will go to shit if we pick the wrong leader.”

Social justice issues should not be supported in this election because it doesn't matter who you can marry if our country gets blown up or if we become Communists. Yes, apparently if we have someone other than Trump as president we will all have to become Communists because that's the way that works.

“Our country was great, it's okay now, it can be great again, which is Donald Trumps motto; 'Make America Great Again.' ... I’m a hundred percent with Donald Trump to make America great again.” Paytas believes by focusing on immigration and building a wall, we can make America great again.

My only questions is: Which America do you want again? The one we had during The Great Depression when we had Republican President Herbert Hoover? The one we had before anti-miscegenation laws and everyone was separate but equal? Or the one when Republican President Bush was in office when the country got attacked?

Mull it over and get back to me.

Point two.

Immigration and the wall.

Trump isn't racist and doesn't hate immigrants "because his wife is an immigrant." So, you know, some solid reasoning there. She goes on to say that really no Americans hate immigrants since we hire them for jobs and they make our country greater. They help stimulate the economy, so the legal ones are more than welcome.

Her problem is when they enter illegally and take jobs away from people and then don't pay taxes. “SO, SO many illegal immigrants taking our jobs and not paying taxes.” Also the drugs they bring in is an issue, "which is what the wall is for."

I guess she didn't realize Trump's deportation plan actually hurts the economy.

In regards to Muslims, we should regulate and do extensive background checks to keep the country safe ... because we don't already regulate legal immigration. Nope, we just let anyone in. Oh, yeah, "9/11 could have been avoided" had we done more extensive background checks. You know the 9/11 that happened when we had a Republican President who Paytas loved? That one.

Here's the thing about immigration, the process is lengthy. As an immigrant I can say my parents spent months going through all the proper paperwork just to get an interview, then waited more months for approval and the ability to come here. The process is already regulated and extensive background checks are done, so as far as Terrorism goes focusing on Americans may help the country "be great again" since Terrorism isn't only strictly Islamic.

Point three.

Trump is not a politician, he’s a brilliant businessman, and that's what we need. Get the country out of debt with a businessman who just happens to be President; it's a great merger we have not seen so far.

Bringing more jobs to the U.S. and keeping all of the business in America to help the economy is what Trump would do. This way, "people don’t have to go overseas to get jobs, which lessen's outsourcing." People who want to come to America will have jobs here and that's okay because taxes will be paid by them...because apparently people can just pick up and move to a new country, feeling oh so welcome with that big, beautiful wall.

I'm honestly not sure what Paytas thinks outsourcing is. I got the impression she thinks Americans are moving oversees for jobs because there are more opportunities there, and that is outsourcing, so by keeping jobs here we lessen it? Yes, we lessen outsourcing by keeping jobs here, but Americans staying here has nothing to do with that.

Outsourcing is sending jobs elsewhere where they can be done for a cheaper sum, like opening a business in China where they can pay people a few quarters an hour instead of the minimum wage here. For example, Trump's clothing line.

Yes! That Trump you love so much for wanting to lessen outsourcing is a prime example of what outsourcing is.

And don't forget, since he has a great track record for business, that can be used as evidence that he will have a great track record as President.

On an unrelated note, here is a Time's article of Trump's Top 10 Greatest Failures.

Point four.

Trump is very outspoken.

Politicians "like to bullshit; I feel like politicians don’t really say anything,” they talk in circles, whereas Trump is like, "bomb the shit out of ISIS and build our military up again and make it strong ... By his words, you can tell things will change."

Here's an example of what she means by a politician talking in circles.

Oh, wait, that was a Trump video? Silly me, moving on.

"Obama said change is gonna happen but what changed? What is Obama doing besides legalizing gay marriage? Yeah okay get married but we’re all gonna be going to shit. We don’t want to get attacked again, we don’t want to feel unsafe. Donald Trump makes me feel safe. As much as I love George W Bush I, you know, I feel he was a great president--especially during our crisis in 2001--I don’t know any president that could handle it quite like that--I think he was just a little intimidated.”

Nothing changed with Obama. Absolutely nothing other than everything. Improving the economy, ending two wars, lowering gas prices, fighting social justice issues that have been known to incite wars are just a few of the nothings the man has done.


Point five.

“Women’s rights is not a thing that I think we need to be focusing on, this is not 1940 at this point."

Again, social justice issues are the least of her concern. This was said because she believes a lot of people hate on Trump for thinking he hates women, but he doesn't actually hate women, although if he did, she would get why.

"If Donald Trump’s watching 'The View,' I get why he would hate women. I get it.

... Young people who don’t follow the actual news rather they just watch The View,” with all the liberals, "they’re not as educated on politics."

Overall, her point is not to listen to the media because, again, "the media tends to be very liberal. Fox News can be a little bit right-sided, sometimes, a little bit.”

Her advice to make sure your opinion doesn't get skewed by all of this bias in the media? "Try not to look at interviews too much." I guess, instead, we should all just flock to her YouTube channel.

Paytas' few final words were this: “Whoever becomes president I will continue to live in America.”

Okay, I know I've been a little sarcastic throughout this article, but seriously? Of course, you're going to continue to live in America! Undocumented immigration isn't only a thing here, you can't just pick up and move to Canada because you don't like the President. This is white privilege at its finest, making a point to say you will stay in the country even if you don't agree with the politics.

After the video lost her all those subscriptions and got her a lot of backlash, she made another video:

I really just want to talk about the fact that she said, “in that video I never slandered a race, gender, sexual preference,” and that she "doesn't agree with every single thing he stands for."

Honestly, she didn't and she doesn't. What she did do is share a lot of wrong information with a million people, telling them to not listen to the news and do their own research when she clearly did not do her own.

Bottom line: Paytas really does seem to be very accepting of everyone judging by her videos, and her main reason for supporting Trump is because she feels his business background will help the economy.

There's no telling whether she is right or wrong unless Trump is elected, but based off common sense, he'll destroy everything Obama has worked so hard to fix.

We're honestly at a point where it's not even funny anymore to joke about Trump becoming president. It could be a very real thing. If it does happen, there is no telling the amount of negative backlash it will illicit and what will happen to the minorities in this country. It's a scary thought to be led by someone with so much hate towards people.

Trump is a businessman, he cares about money, not people.

There is enough white-collar crime in this country. We don't need Trump as president.

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Why You Should Vote For Trump (According to Trisha Paytas)


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