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Should the Citadel allow a student to wear a hijab?

The Citadel hijab

The Citadel. (wallyg/Flickr)

The Citadel is a military college in South Carolina. And they just denied an admitted student's request to wear her hijab--a headscarf that many Muslim women wear in public--with the school uniform.

Why? Because all cadets must wear a common uniform. Citadel President Lt. Gen John Rosa said:

"Uniformity is the cornerstone of this four-year leader development model."

Rosa also said that he hoped the unidentified student would still choose to attend The Citadel.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., representing the student, says she won't attend if she cannot wear her headscarf. The Council is also considering legal action.

Reactions varied:

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Should the Citadel allow a student to wear a hijab?

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