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Canada’s huge wildfire MIGHT be stabilizing

Fort McMurray fire

The Fort McMurray fire burns in Alberta, Canada. (jasonwoodhead23/Flickr)

Experts say the wildfire in Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada could be reaching a "turning point" due to cooler, wetter weather. This offers a little bit of hope to those affected by the historic blaze. Of course, firefighters are far from done with battling this fire, which is still burning.

But now, officials are discussing when they'll let the tens of thousands evacuated from their homes back to the area, and exactly how rebuilding will go. Plus, some experts are wondering about the kind of air quality contamination this fire leaves behind. The ash might be infiltrated with dangerous metals--the burnt remnants of houses and the appliances inside.

The fire was so massive, a huge plume of smoke will even supposedly reach Northern California tomorrow.

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Canada’s huge wildfire MIGHT be stabilizing

Lily Altavena

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