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Dear minors: You can’t buy e-cigs anymore

Man vaping

E-cigarettes may finally be regulated. (444LEXR/Flickr)

Vaping's become a pretty popular habit in lieu of smoking. Vape users smoke e-cigarettes, which turn nicotine into vapor instead of smoke, like in traditional cigarettes, and so they're thought to be less harmful because, you know, no tar and black smoke and all that. But still, there's not much evidence that necessarily says vaping isn't bad for you, though.

The federal government is trying to tamp down on some of the use of the chemicals in e-cigs. And today, the FDA officially banned sales of e-cigs to people under 18.

Manufacturers will also have tougher standards in creating their products, hopefully weeding out more dangerous chemicals thought to be in the liquid inhaled through vape pens.

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Dear minors: You can’t buy e-cigs anymore

Lily Altavena

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