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Donald Trump had a harsh welcome at the #CAGOPConvention

California Republican Convention

CODEPINK activist Nancy Mancias protests Donald Trump outside the California Republican Convention. (codepinkpix/Flickr)

Following an explosive protest in Costa Mesa, California during a Donald Trump rally in Orange County, the Republican front-runner hasn't received a warm welcome from Californians.

Trump arrived at the #CAGOPConvention in Burlingame, California to address Republicans, but protesters blocked him from entering the center. At one point, protestors rushed the barrier and the police had to use batons to push them back.

Trump had to cross a fence and jump a highway median to enter from the back of the Hyatt hotel where the convention was held.

They blocked off the highway for him.

Once he did get in, protestors, dressed as Mexican characters, started chanting.

"Get him out."

Protestors flooded the hotel entrance and the garage.

Trump admitted it wasn't easy for him to attend. He compared the fiasco to "crossing the border."

“That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made. It felt like I was crossing the border actually. I was crossing the border, but I got here.”

The protestors also burned Trump pinatas and waited at the hotel for Trump to come out.

They also burned an American flag.

When Trump left the convention, he went straight to his private jet.

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Donald Trump had a harsh welcome at the #CAGOPConvention

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