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Volkswagen is buying back 500,000 cars to compensate for #DieselGate


Oh, Volkswagen. (automobileitalia/Flickr)

Volkswagen was very bad, and now they have to pay the price.

The #VolkswagenScandal is finally getting settled, and here's how: the company will have to buy back 500,000 of their polluting diesel vehicles that they had rigged to cheat on emissions tests.

Basically, if you bought one of these cars, Volkswagen has to offer to buy it back from you or pay for it to get fixed.

The settlement could cost the company close to $10 billion.

The Justice Department, the Federal Trade Commission, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the state of California had sued Volkswagen last September, after their diesel cars were found to be emitting up to 40 times more pollution than allowed.

And that's not all: Volkswagen also has to fix nearly 90,000 Porsche, Audi and SUV engines their company made.

They still need to decide whether they'll be reselling the fixed cars or giving it back to the owners. As part of the deal, they also have to set up environmental and consumer compensation funds. They have til June 21st to hammer out the details.

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Volkswagen is buying back 500,000 cars to compensate for #DieselGate

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