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Here’s a plain English explainer on the global oil price debacle

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An oil well in Bahrain. (octal/Flickr)

Oil prices across the globe sank 5% after a trade with Asia.

Low prices for oil seem awesome for those of us with tight budgets filling up our gas tanks, but it is actually much more complicated and problematic than that.

OPEC, short for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, consists of countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Kuwait met today to strike a deal on oil in order to manage the industry. Yesterday, the countries failed to come to an agreement in Doha, Qatar.

Iran, another oil producing country, was noticeably left out.

Because of the current sky-high production of oil, in part an effect of fracking and other increased technologies, the cost of oil has been going down so much that OPEC had to meet to solve the problem.

It's a simple matter of supply-and-demand. Remember learning that from your boring economics teacher? Well, currently the supply is up and its higher than the demand, so prices are low.

Saudi Arabia, in a game of chicken, said they wouldn't freeze any of their production unless Iran did that same. Now, neither are reducing production and the prices remain way down.

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Here’s a plain English explainer on the global oil price debacle

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