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Pope Francis: Get a ‘psychiatrist’ if you think meeting Bernie Sanders was political

Pope Francis

Sanders had a somewhat random meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. (Phil Roeder/Flickr)

People were left scratching their heads when Bernie Sanders took a quick break from campaigning to go to Rome and try to visit Pope Francis, but it definitely happened.

If you're thinking their meeting was something significant--don't. The Pope bluntly said people who read into their meeting too much are mental.

"If anyone thinks that greeting someone is getting involved in politics, I recommend that he look for a psychiatrist."

Yesterday morning, the Pope Francis and Sanders met briefly in the Vatican guest house, which is the residence of the Pope and where Sanders and his wife were staying. Pope Francis said the whole thing was just "good manners" because obviously you don't ignore someone staying in your house.

"When I came down, I greeted him, I shook his hand and nothing more. This is called good manners and it is not getting involved in politics."

What does Sanders have to say about the very brief, super casual meeting?

Well, he thinks it was just a good opportunity to let the Pope know what a stellar job he's doing.

"I just conveyed to him my admiration for the extraordinary work he is doing raising some of the most important issues facing our planet and the billions of people on the planet and injecting the need for morality in the global economy."

At the end of the day, this was a simple, standard meeting between two people very much in the public eye.

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Pope Francis: Get a ‘psychiatrist’ if you think meeting Bernie Sanders was political

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