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The White House says Congress isn’t spending enough $ to fight Zika

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Using larvicide to try to combat Zika. (PresidenciaRD/Flickr)

A lot of people are freaking out about the Zika virus. It's spreading across the country. So you'd think the government would want to throw money at it. But ... no.

President Obama is all geared to sign a legislation passed by Congress to combat the Zika outbreak. The House passed the legislation on April 12th, and would allow vaccine developers and treatment researchers to get a voucher from the Food and Drug Administration for priority review.

Still ... the White House is not happy, because Obama had also asked for more money--like, $1.9 billion--to combat the virus that has, alarmingly, already spread to 30 states in the US.

The White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, said this:

"It is a positive step. It is a far cry from what our public health experts tell us is necessary to prepare."

In other words: Not. Enough.

Any funding for current research is actually money being transferred over from the Ebola account--the new legislation doesn't provide any more funding.

But those additional funds were needed to help local communities battle the mosquito that carries the virus and for testing for the disease. People are really worried because the Zika virus has been shown to cause the incurable condition microcephaly in newborn babies, if the mother was infected with Zika during pregnancy.

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The White House says Congress isn’t spending enough $ to fight Zika

Anugya Chitransh

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