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Will #resigncameron take down Britain’s Prime Minister?

David Cameron

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is having a rough day after the #PanamaPapers. (The Prime Minister's Office/Flickr)

After the #PanamaPapers came out earlier this week, every implicated politician probably knew they were in deep trouble. Right away, Iceland took down their own Prime Minster for his shady business, and now, Brits (and Twitter) is calling for the same thing.

Lo and behold, the newest trending hashtag from the scandal: #resigncameron.

Wait who’s Cameron and what did he do?

David Cameron is Britain’s Prime Minster.

The Panama Papers, the 11.5 million documents leaked from a Panama law firm, indicate that Cameron had previously stowed a good deal of money off-shore. As is common with such accounts, the money could not be taxed, and now everyone is accusing him of tax evasion.

After much prodding, the PM admitted,

“We owned 5,000 units in Blairmore Investment Trust, which we sold in January 2010.”

Cameron’s father had set up the account and the PM sold all of his shares before taking office. Still, it’s really rattled the Internet, and tons of people are calling for his resignation.

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Will #resigncameron take down Britain’s Prime Minister?

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