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A Texas school cop body-slammed a 12-year-old ‘on her face’

A couple of weeks ago, a Texas school police officer body-slammed a 6th grade girl.

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The reason: he was trying to break up a possible fight between two tween girls. Not a fight. A possible fight. And did we mention the girl is a 6th grader?

Joshua Kehm maybe took his job a little too seriously when he tried to restrain one of the girls, Janissa Valdez, and when she struggled, he hurled her to the ground.

It got caught on video. You can hear another student in the background saying,

“She landed on her face!”

Kehm has been put on administrative leave, and a formal investigation was launched by the police and school administration. The entire incident surfaced on April 5th even though it happened at the end of March.

Janissa had called out a girl who had been bad-mouthing her. She had been in a fight before, too, when she responded to a bully. Her mother, Gloria Valdez, said Janissa had already been suspended once.

Still, she is really unhappy about what happened to her daughter. She said Janissa's right eye was bruised and swollen while the officer seemed unconcerned:

“She wasn’t moving. She was just knocked out. I wanted answers, and nobody could give me answers.”

This isn't the first incident of excessive force being used by school police officers. You might remember that last October, an officer assaulted a student in South Carolina while removing her from her desk during class.

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A Texas school cop body-slammed a 12-year-old ‘on her face’

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