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Watch Robert Santoli completely and gleefully kill it on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Robert Santoli might just be the best "Wheel of Fortune" contestant to ever grace the show. He started the game by literally solving an entire puzzle with one letter.

He then kept crushing his opponents the rest of the game, solving puzzles absurdly fast, and showing his excitement after every correct answer. Santoli ended up with a total of $76,000. You have to see it to believe it, really. (Bonus: Watch his two opponents try to be gracious while he utterly trounces them.)

That's pretty far beyond these other mind-blowing puzzle-solving feats:

So, how the heck did he pull off this insane victory? So. Much. Preparation.

He went on reddit and shared that he spent days calculating possible phrases and and organizing lists of potential puzzles. He wrote up his entire strategy for anyone who is interested in trying it:

"The instant I got my theme, I immediately came up with an ever-growing list of puzzles themed towards cruises, sailing, fish, boats, anything on or in the water. Some I came up with in my head right away, like ‘PORT AND STARBOARD,’ and ‘POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN.’ I opened up MS Word and began typing anything that came to mind. Then, I went to this extensive WOF episode guide and did a Ctrl-F search for ‘Cruise,’ ‘Fish’ and ‘Sea’ and made note of the dates. Then I went to the compendium and wrote down all the themed puzzles from those weeks, marking such puzzles with an asterisk to note that they had been previously used on the show. I then alphabetized the list to organize it by category. As you saw, having a list of possible themed puzzles and key words really paid off."

It certainly pays to prepare, amirite?

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Watch Robert Santoli completely and gleefully kill it on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

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