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The leader of the UN begs world leaders to help refugees, not ‘demonize’ them

ban ki-moon

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. (DFID - UK/Flickr)

There's a serious refugee crisis going on. Millions of people are fleeing horrifying violence in their countries, especially in places like Syria and Iraq. They are trying to get away to another, safer country. The question is, are refugees being offered enough help?

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon doesn't think they are. He just urged world leaders at a conference to help out more Syrian refugees. He asked that everyone remember our shared humanity and stop the fear-mongering:

"I ask that countries act with solidarity, in the name of our shared humanity, by pledging new and additional pathways for the admission of Syrian refugees."

He went on:

"Attempts to demonize them are not only offensive; they are factually incorrect. I call on leaders to counter fear-mongering with reassurance, and to fight inaccurate information with the truth."

He said accepting refugees can be beneficial to the work force, as they offer new skills and experience, and wants countries to step up in the next three years to accept about 480,000 Syrians.

President Obama had a similar message at his final Easter Prayer Breakfast. He spoke about the recent terror attacks, the GOP's anti-refugee reaction, and the meaning of Easter:

"[The recent attacks] can foment fear and division. They can tempt us to cast out the stranger, strike out against those that don’t look like us, or don’t pray exactly like we do. And they can lead us to turn our backs on those who are in most need and help and refuge. That’s the intent of the terrorists, is to weaken our faith. To weaken our best impulses, our better angels."

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The leader of the UN begs world leaders to help refugees, not ‘demonize’ them

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