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This US Navy captain sold secrets for sex

US Navy captain

Daniel Dusek is on the left. (Wikimedia Commons)

US Navy Captain Daniel Dusek was sentenced to nearly four years (46 months) in federal prison after admitting to trading classified information for luxury gifts and prostitutes.

Prosecutor and US Attorney Laura Duffy said:

"Captain Dusek's betrayal is the most distressing because the Navy placed so much trust, power and authority in his hands. This is a fitting sentence for a man who was so valuable that his conspirators labeled him their 'Golden Asset.'"

Dusek is involved in a much larger corruption scandal involving Malaysian foreign defense contractor Leonard Glenn Francis, a millionaire playboy known as “Fat Leonard.”

The Navy captain said he exchanged information, like how to overcharge the military, to Francis for vacations, money, prostitutes, high-shelf liquor, and even flashy gifts like ornamental swords and handmade ship models.

Dusek isn't the only officer involved in this scandal, but he is the highest ranking to be sentenced so far.

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This US Navy captain sold secrets for sex

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