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The NFL left 100 concussion cases out of their so-called research

nfl concussions

Concussions are a huge problem in the NFL. (AJ Guel Photography/Flickr)

The National Football League did research into how big a problem concussions are for pro football players and said hey, guess, what, we have proof that concussions are actually not causing huge problems. But ... The New York Times did some research of their own and discovered that the NFL's work was flawed.

For one thing, over 100 cases were left out of the NFL's study.

The NFL is blaming this on human error, rather than intentionality. Oh, OK.

The NFL responded this afternoon:

"... [W]e will not sit on the sidelines in the face of irresponsible reporting on these important issues."

This prompted a response from The New York Times on Twitter:

Meanwhile, former football players are suffering serious health problems that have been linked to concussions they suffer from the game.

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The NFL left 100 concussion cases out of their so-called research

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