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The #Doodle4Google winner honors ‘the black people that came before us’

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The new #Doodle4Google winner is an artwork by a Washington DC 10th grader named Akilah Johnson. She created it in response to the prompt "What makes me ... me."

In a post on Google's blog, Johnson explains that her goal with the drawing was "to not only turn heads but souls as well":

"As I grew older, I realized that the black people that came before us have made us into what we are today. So of course I had to include them in my doodle on the theme 'What makes me ... me.'"

The image is rich with symbolism, including a placard reading "Black Lives Matter":

"Of all the things I chose to include, the six most special to me are the Symbol of Life (the ankh), the African continent, where everything began for me and my ancestors, the Eye of Horus, the word 'power' drawn in black, the woman's fist based on one of my favorite artist’s works, and the D.C. flag—because I’m a Washingtonian at heart and I love my city with everything in me!"

For winning the #Doodle4Google competition, Johnson got a $30,000 college scholarship, a $50,000 educational grant for her high school, and other prizes.

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The #Doodle4Google winner honors ‘the black people that came before us’

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