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We can all root for a team of refugees at Rio’s Summer Olympics

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There will be a team of refugees in Rio. (Brian John Godfrey/Flickr)

This summer you'll have a new team to root for in the Rio Olympics: a team of refugees.

The International Olympic Committee officially created a team called Refugee Olympic Athletes, or ROA. 43 athletes were identified, but the team hasn't been finalized, so we can't introduce you to the athletes just yet. But some of the possible contenders are:

- Yusra Mardini, a Syrian swimmer now living in Germany.
- Rahele Asemani, an Iranian taekwondo martial artist now in Belgium.
- Yolande Mabika, a judoka (judo expert) from Democratic Republic of Congo who is now in Brazil.

Refugees have fled unbearably miserable lives in their own war-torn countries to seek better lives elsewhere.

IOC President Thomas Bach says the team will get its own welcome during the Olympic entrance ceremony:

"By welcoming ROA to the Olympic Games in Rio, we want to send a message of hope to all the refugees of the world. This team will be treated like all the other teams.”

This isn't all the IOC is doing to support refugees in the current refugee crisis, which is dire. The IOC has also donated $2 million for sports projects to help refugees.

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We can all root for a team of refugees at Rio’s Summer Olympics

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