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Louis Farrakhan cheers Trump for telling Jews ‘I don’t want your money’

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Louis Farrakhan likes Trump because he won't let Jews control him. OK. (Wikimedia Commons)

Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader, just publicly praised Donald Trump for refusing donations from Jews.

A few months back, Trump told audience members over and over at a Republican Jewish Coalition meeting that he doesn't want their money. Well, Farrakhan is totally in support of these remarks.

Farrakhan praised Trump as a part of a sermon at a Nation of Islam mosque in Chicago:

"(Trump) is the only mem­ber who has stood in front of the Jew­ish com­mu­nity, and said 'I don’t want your money.' Any time a man can say to those who con­trol the pol­i­tics of Amer­ica, ‘I don’t want your money,’ that means you can’t con­trol me. And they can­not afford to give up con­trol of the pres­i­dent of the United States."

Who is this guy? Farrakhan is well known for his anti-Semitism, so it's not that surprising that he agreed with Trump's remarks. Because among other things he has referred to Judaism as the "synagogue of Satan." So there's that.

But, while Farrakhan praised Trump's comments, he made sure to make it clear that he wasn't fully endorsing him:

"Not that I’m for Mr. Trump, but I like what I’m look­ing at."

Still, it might strike you as a bit weird for a prominent black Muslim leader to voice support for Donald Trump, who is not exactly supportive of his own communities.

And by the way, some Jewish people say some Trump supporters have vilified and attacked them online.

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Louis Farrakhan cheers Trump for telling Jews ‘I don’t want your money’

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