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These emails prove Gov. Rick Snyder knew about the #FlintWaterCrisis months in advance

Rick Snyder

These emails make Gov. Rick Snyder look even worse. (Michigan Municipal League/Flickr)

The Flint water crisis is an issue that has definitely, definitely not been resolved yet, no matter how much money or water bottles the state of Michigan tries to throw at it. Now, it turns out, a lot of people around Gov. Rick Snyder--who people don't think have been handling this crisis all too well--had told him Flint shouldn't get water from the nasty Flint River.

In an effort to be more open with the public--and because that's what the public has been pushing them to do--emails were released from last year that reveal just how many people were saying "uh-oh, bad idea."

The governor's deputy legal counsel Valerie Brader called the water an "urgent matter to fix" in October 2014 when she sent an email to Snyder's former chief of staff. Someone in the email chain even responded to Brader's email, calling the idea of getting water from the Flint river "downright scary."

So, what happened when Brader talked to the emergency manager who made the switch to the Flint river in the first place? Reportedly, manager Edward Kurtz reassured her the water would be treated and that's where the conversation ended. Brader also noted on the emails that she didn't want the email exchange to be made public. Looks like the cats out of the bag and the lead is in the water.

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These emails prove Gov. Rick Snyder knew about the #FlintWaterCrisis months in advance

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