How I Launched #TrumpingTrump to Turn the Tables on Donald Trump

Going by second semester senior stereotypes, I should’ve been at a party or out with friends last weekend. I mean, my 18th birthday was in a few days, so I should have been doing something. Instead, I was curled up in bed, hunched over my laptop.

I had seen in the news that Donald Trump had bought jebbush.com, and it got me thinking. I took the ever-so-difficult choice of ending my Netflix marathon and I started to research which of Trump’s domains were available. When I saw that Donald Trump hadn’t secured votetrump2016.co, I went kinda crazy.

I forgot I was home alone for a second and looked around, making sure no one could see me. I let out a little maniacal laugh and bought the domain. My body was overcome with that feeling you get when you’re on the top of the roller coaster. Except I’m a high school senior, and ending Trump’s chance at the presidency was about to be my roller coaster.

Once I bought the domain, I blasted Beyonce and spent that night brainstorming what the hell to do with it. I reached out to a few friends, and those friends reached out to theirs. #TrumpingTrump quickly became a nationwide campaign providing Americans with the platform to share their stories and what they think will actually make America great--not bigoted views like good ol’ Mr. Trump has.

Aidan and Jayson talked about the need for more support of transgender youth. Casey, who witnesses global warming’s effect on his California college campus, spoke up about recognizing climate change. Katie, a high school sophomore from North Carolina, pleaded for the separation of church and state. Noa, who will soon make her way into the working world in Brooklyn, stressed the need to end the wage gap.


Some of the messages on #TrumpingTrump. (via Valerie Weisler)

Americans young and old started snapping photos to share their ideas, and pushed them all over social media.

With each positive reaction I’ve gotten, I’ve received 10 negative ones. Hate mail is overflowing in my inbox. I’ve been called an ugly cow, f*ggot, feminazi. Each email just reminds me how much we need this. Trump’s supporters spew out only a parcel of the hate that Trump preaches.

I see fear every day as Trump gains more power. I see fear in my friend Ishita, as she makes her way to the mosque for her youth group. I see fear in the African American boy I babysit when he comes home upset, asking me why he gets treated so differently. I see fear in my teacher when she talks about growing up in Mexico. I see fear in the elderly cashier at my local grocery store who struggles with depression. And I see fear when I look in the mirror and a gay Jewish girl looks back at me.

But I also see hope.

Which is exactly why you need to share your story. Speak up. Take action. Post your photo with #TrumpingTrump. We cannot let hate win. We have made way too much progress and have way too much work to be done to have him in the White House.

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How I Launched #TrumpingTrump to Turn the Tables on Donald Trump

Valerie Weisler

Valerie is the founder and CEO of The Validation Project, a global movement that unites teens and turns their passions into positive action through community service, mentoring, and global campaigns. She is also a United Nations A World at School ambassador.

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