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Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are backing Kesha in very different ways

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Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are in almost an all-out war over the appropriate way to show support to Kesha.

Kesha is embroiled what looks like a legal battle with Dr. Luke and Sony Music because she accused Dr. Luke, her producer, of sexually abusing her. But a high court in New York just legally required to uphold her end of her contract with Sony, meaning she's supposed to make six more albums with the guy she says raped her.

Taylor Swift stepped up and donated $250,000 to Kesha for her legal battle fees.

Lovato had also tweeted out her support for Kesha--and criticized Swift for ponying up cash but not doing anything of real value to support Kesha.

Surprise, surprise, this upset many Swifties, so Lovato tried to clear the air by leaving this comment on the Instagram page of @ProudOfSwift:

"I didn't shade Taylor. If you take it that way than fine. I'm just tired of seeing women use 'women empowerment' and 'feminism' to further brands without actually being the ones that have the uncomfortable conversations."

Meanwhile, Dr. Luke went on Twitter to defend himself. Here are some of his tweets about the case:

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Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are backing Kesha in very different ways

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