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Wow: Nearly a million Mexicans gathered to hear Pope Francis

Pope Francis

The pope received a warm welcome. (Aleteia Image Partners/Flickr)

After making a historic deal with Cuba on Friday, Pope Francis is stirring up even more change while beginning his tour of Mexico. Today, almost a million people--repeat, a million people--gathered in the impoverished town of Ecatepec, Mexico, a suburb of Mexico City, to hear the pope speak. Talk about a following.

What did the pope say to the million people? Mainly, he focused on how seriously marginalized Mexico is, or rather how there's a small group of rich, powerful people, but so many poor people. There are around 60 million Mexicans living in poverty. He criticized the rich elite:

“You cannot dialogue with the devil. He will always win.”

Pope Francis

(Aleteia Image Partners/Flickr)

Pope Francis also commented on how dangerous places like Ecatepec have become. He called on the Mexican government and the country's bishops to fight against the drug-trafficking and violence prevalent there.

“A land that does not have to cry for men, women, youth, and children who end up destroyed at the hand of the traffickers of death.”

Many of the people who came to see the pope traveled hours and slept outside overnight just to catch a glimpse of him.

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Wow: Nearly a million Mexicans gathered to hear Pope Francis

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